Ormiston Main Street, Ormiston, East Lothian

Climbing Inspection & Internal Decay Testing
  • Climbing Inspection
  • Internal Decay Testing
East Lothian Council

A significant area of dead bark and decay was observed by the Local Authority Arboricultural Officer on a mature Sycamore trees on the main street.

Potter Tree Consultancy were instructed to assess and investigate the defect in partnership with the Local Authority tree team, to establish whether this prominent tree could be safely retained.

The result of the assessment and internal decay testing found the decay to be localised and non-significant in terms of its impact on the overall trunk structure. As such the tree can be safely retained with only minor pruning works required.


“We have used Andrew on a number of occasions to report on the condition of some our important high amenity trees.  The service he has provided has always been friendly, comprehensive and very professional.” Mike Foy, Tree Officer, East Lothian Council