Ingliston Showground, Royal Highland Centre

Tree Condition & Management Survey
  • Tree Condition & Management Survey
Royal Highland Centre

We have been the retained Arboricultural Consultants for Scotland’s largest event site since 2015 where we were instructed to update the existing tree survey on the site.

As part of this process there was a need to stratify the site into zones creating a more manageable workload for the Arboricultural contractor and create a rolling annual tree inspection programme. Aside from gathering information relating to general tree condition and management prescriptions, advice was also required relating to ad-hoc tree and construction issues as well as internal decay testing to further investigate trees where positive external indicators of decay were identified. The management of tree issues in relation to the annual Royal Highland Show is also a central focus of our remit on behalf of the client.

We are currently mid-way through the second survey cycle so as expected there has been a change in emphasis in that we are now advising on soil management issues to maintain a healthy ageing tree population and looking at opportunities to diversify the age structure of trees on the site through species selection and new planting opportunities, the objective of which is to maintain a relationship where trees and people can co-exist in harmony.